Friday, September 05, 2008

Finished Mini Book

I guess that other post with the butterfly card was a little misleading...that wasn't my mini book...I was just working on it the day that I posted the butterfly card. I finished Jonah's ultrasound booklet and I am so glad to have that done. I used some of the grommets that Kristy sent me because they went so well with the WRMK paper I had picked out. I also used my SU rubons and my "It's About Time" stamp set. Now, I need to start working on thank you cards for the gifts I've gotten and what comes tomorrow. My kiddos are all home for the day, the school called last night and I guess there's a water leak somewhere. There in the living room watching The Last Starfighter right now. Thanks Netflix. Hope all is going well for you today.
And Jenn A. I have to say Amen as well.


Kristy said...

Oh I just LOVE it! Man, sometimes it makes me a tad bit sad to think of never being pregnant again. Well, unless I hit up the mail man or something. ;0) Seriously, unless dr. Snippy Snip didn't snip so snappy then we are done. It doesn't make me sad to think of not raising another kiddo, just makes me sad to know that I'll never get to make one again. But then again, if I make it, I have to BIRTH it, and well, um....that hurts. I'm too old to be doing that again anyway. Egads...if Maddison has a baby at 22 like I was when I had her, I could be a grandma in 8.5 years. Hot diggety dog! Let's have a baptism for JM the same weekend we bless our grandbaby. Pfffffffffft......Oh wordy...what were we thinking?!?!

Anyhow, wish I would have done something like this with Tess' ultrasound photos. I had an ultrasound at every visit when I was prego with her in Germany. One of the nice things about delivering there, for sure!

Well, um, yeah....I'm giggling abou the bunny and Jakobs comments. Boys. Gotta love em.



Liz :) said...

ohhhhh that is cute! I surely don't remember getting that many pics from my kids though... I'll hace to re-check all my pictures and try one of these... This is great!

D said...

Love it! I am jealous of all your ultrasound photos. My first ultrasound with asher they didn't even show me him much because we let a student come in. The tech talked to her the whole time. I will never do that again. Luckily I had a second ultrasound that was much friendlier and fun... not 3d though. Those are so cool.

KJ-Starre said...

What a great idea!

You will appreciate that you have done it in a few years time.

By the way I love the pic of you sitting by the sewing Jonah...has really grown.


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

What a totally unique idea and FABulously special keepsake!!!