Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nope, still no baby...but look at this sweet thang.

It's an oldie but a goodie. I really like this lo and I think I will use it again today. Orange just makes me happy. We've had chilly weather in the mornings but then it warms up quite nicely. I think I will take a walk with the kiddos in just a bit...maybe get things moving. Take care and have a great day.


Anonymous said...

I love your combination of red, orange, and pink. Did you use glitter for the seeds? It's a cute layout and card!

Kristy said...

I LOOOOOOOVE orange too! In fact I am sitting here in my orange shirt, white capris and orange floral shoes! Yup. I have shoes that go with one or two outfits is all.

GIRL.......I seriously can't believe that you haven't had that baby yet. Maybe he's going to pull a come on his due date diddy like my Aaron did.

Well, hang in there sister. Praying for a speedy delivery.

Tara said...

Great color!! i love this!!

hang in there, you are almost there!! thinking of you!!!

Nicole said...

I can't believe you were at Costco shopping yesterday! You need to save your energy for the big day! It will be here very soon.

KJ-Starre said...

Beautiful colours! Red goes so well with orange!

You take it easy now...we don't want to read in the papers that baba arrived in the Costco perishable dept~ heehee!

Hugs! (thinking of you lots)

Erica B. said...

Crossing my fingers for you! Yeah make more cards maybe that will help. Actually Maybe you should make a lot of plans so you'll have to break them.

Kristy said...

Okay sister...no post today. Does that mean that Mr. Jonah is here? Oh I'm just dying to know. I hope he is and that all went well. I'm truly praying for you and the little one!