Saturday, November 22, 2008


I recently told my friend that I wanted to make her wedding invitations as her gift from me. She's like a second mom to me and I adore her. Her first husband died about five years ago from a heart attack and I'm so happy that's she's found love again. They'll be getting married in February up in Utah and I am trying out different variations of invites for her to choose from. I'll have to make 300 or so and I'm thinking THIS card is WAY to involved to make 300 of. The background stamp alone would drive me bonkers not to mention the embossing. I also need to find out what colors she would like. So here's my first attempt, let's see where this goes.
Have a great day.
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Deborah said...

What a treat for you both! Your sample is looking good Misty! Have fun with your dear frien's wedding cards. Deb

Tracey said...

I had a lovely comment written up yesterday and my computer froze. DOH!

I think this is beautiful.....but you're right. I wouldn't want to do 300 of them either. I can't even imagine.

I made Christmas cards for a woman in AZ once. Only like 60 of them, but they were so detailed I thought I was going to die before I was done with them.'d you like the movie? I really liked it, but wished they would have had more time to develop the Cullen family characters a little more.

Tracey liked it so much that he went to see it again last night with Maddi and Sarah. I started reading it again last night just to refresh my memory as to parts that were left out.


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Wow!! I love this card! You could use dsp instead of the bg stamp, maybe that would cut out some work? Whatever you come up with will be soooooooo fabulous and very appreciated!!! You are so sweet!!

Erica B. said...

I would skip the bg stamp and replace it with patterned paper. The embossing usually isn't that bad as long as it is a small part of the invite. I will post a picture of the one I did for my sister later today and do a breakdown of the parts that were more difficult. The funny thing is that these are very similar colors to what I did for Hillery. Old olive, black and white.

Fink said...

You are just to sweet! I admire you for taking on this challange! I really like the design

Alexandra said...

This is really gorgeous Misty!! But no, I would not want to do 300 of them either! You are such a good friend to do these! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Kim Watson said...

It is such a great sentiment to offer to make the cards....but 300 is an awful lot. Goodness are you sure you want to do this. Maybe you can rally a team to help you. Pity I don't live closer :o)