Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dental Drama

Lacey knows all about my drama but for the rest of you out there I'm going to unload.

I actually had a breakdown at the dentist's office yesterday. I needed to get a filling replaced that had cracked in half. It's taken about eight months for them to figure out that that was the problem! Soooo...Tessa and Aaron had cleaning appointments in the morning. Or so I thought, turns out Jakob was supposed to go not Aaron. Apparently that's a big deal cuz they couldn't just pull Aaron's file and switch out the appointments! So Tessa got her cleaning and I took her back to school(Jakob, Aaron and I will be squeezed in on Thursday). I rushed over to Lacey's house to drop off Aaron and the babe...nurse Jonah and make it back to the dentist by 12:30 for my appt.

At about 1:30 I start to wonder if I'll ever be seen. I ask and am told that they'll get me in by 2:00 and I'll be out of there by 2:30 so I can pick up my kids and be home when the others get home from school. At 2:14 I'm called back and the dentist tells me that she can't possibly replace the filling that I have on my back tooth in the short amount of time I've given them. Ummmm, hello, I've been here since 12:30!!!!!! She basically tells me she's sorry I had to wait and that when I do finally come in to get the work done that I, yes ME, will make someone else have to wait because my filling will take a while. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME. So I start to cry, yup, all over my paper bib. And then I find myself apologizing for it, blaming it on my hormones and the lack of sleep, but I just can't stop. My hygenist, who is a total doll, makes me a new appt and apologizes profusely for EVERYTHING. So I'm driving to pick up the little ones and I get control of myself only to lose it again at Lacey's house. Two whole hours of my life have just been wasted, I can never get them back. But on the bright side I now know to the 411 on the major celebs (thank you waiting room mags).

Just an old scrapbook lo about why I don't show my teeth when I smile in pictures. I used the leftovers from the kids memory game for my flaps.

Have a great day.


pescbrico said...

I'm speechless!! Is there another dentist office close to you home?! I would switch for sure! It's simply insane!!! Because I bet it's not free to go there as it's not free here!! So behing treated like that! I'm sorry it did happen to you. I hope next time will be better. I know how complicated it can be to go to an appointement with a little one we are feeding!

Tara said...

OH MY!!! you waited FOREVER!!! at my office if we made people wait that long...we'd be in big trouble!!! i LOVE that you did a page about this and your smile is beautiful!!! so SMILE!!!!
take care girl!

Alexandra said...

I KNEW there was a reason I hate dentists - boy, oh boy, I would have been steamed!! Hello? Do they not know people have more of a life than sitting around in their dentist office - sheesh!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Jenn D said...

I'm sorry you had such a negative experience yesterday. I'd have been very upset too. I hope that when you go back for your appointment they get you in on time. I think it was really unprofessional of your dentist to treat you like that.

I hope today is better!

D said...

Your dentist is a jerk. That's why they schedule appts so the long ones can take a long time and the short ones can take a short time and people don't have to wait. Nuff said.

SueB said...

I'd love to recommend my dentist to you but it'd be a heckuva trip for you! Sorry you had a bad experience; I can't imagine having to wait 2 hrs without THEM being the ones apologizing profusely, but I'm betting new sick baby contributed to your meltdown ... aren't hormones fun!?

Jessica said...

Oh no. That's horrible :( I'm so sorry you had to deal with all of that.