Friday, November 21, 2008


Been wondering about the trials we face in this world. Seriously, how could a person know that they have a child in the world and not care? It's something I can't fathom. I love my children beyond anything. I know I probably have half brothers and sisters out's just weird. Anyways, I'm going to see Twilight this morning so you all have a great day!


Kristy said...

Misty...this is such a beautiful page. I really appreciate that you've created a page about some of the trials in life. It's good to think of the future and thinking of posterity looking at our albums, helping them to realize that we are in fact normal people too....not everything is peaches and cream!

I love that you are such a strong woman despite the challenges you faced growing up.

Enjoy that movie! I can't wait until it's my turn.

Love ya girl!

Liz :) said...

Great LO, and I agree with you, my daughter's father cheated on me and I tried to help him be a part of her life but he refused, he didn't call, didn't send stuff, never knew her. I invited him into my house and after telling me he'd stay 8 days, he left after 1 because he was "unconfortable". I gave him the chance, the opportunity and bottom line is that I couldn't "make" him be a dad, he had already made his decision, he gave up 100% of his rights this year without a second thought. My daughter is amazing and it kills me that he never cared about knowing her or wanting to be in her life. I am however, happy that my husband has always treated her as his own and she has never doubted his love for her. It is definately a hard thing to live through but you are stronger because of it!

VanillaBean said...

I like the colors you used. I know that you will never understand why he has chosen this path but it is important to realize that you were not the cause of his decision. The reality of having a part of your person that you don't know is hard to deal with, something that I find as Ava asks questions about her paternal family and I don't have them. Just remember to keep your mind focused on the family you created and the one they will in future create.

michelle said...

misty, i love this page. for me, trials are hard yes, but i have learned so much. like what not to be, compassion, understanding, how to be non-judgemental...the list goes on. don't forget, they build character and strength.

i went last night at midnight. it was showing on 4 screens! did they do that in abq? my take on it: EDWARD-hot, hot, hot!!! corny, funny, pretty close to the book, i did like the cast {i don't really like the usual hollywood stars}, spider monkey!? was that part in the book? choppy-i don't really recommend seeing it unless you've read the book; you wouldn't understand it. i loved the book because it had way more details, i guess you can't fit alot in a 2 hour movie. i guess i give it 3 stars. and i also loved all the mountainous and trees-gorgeous!!! AND the makeup was ok.

Erica B. said...

Art has always been therapeutic for me. It really helps to work out the emotional stuff. How personal to do a page that deals with this subject!

BTW thanks for calling me about Twilight.

Kim Watson said...

Hey Misty...I am so touched by your page. It is so moving & real! I admire your courage to be so publicly honest.
You are a special person girl!