Saturday, April 25, 2009

I found these boxes of Sweethearts at Smith's when Twilight came out on DVD. I just bought them for the heck of it. Sometimes it's nice to feel like a school girl again and these books just take you back there. I have to give Jenny a big thank you for introducing me to them when they were still new to the world.
I attended a baby shower for my dear friend Lacey who is having her fourth child and, YEY!, it's a girl finally. It was nice to be around friends and laugh and feel good...btw how come none of you told me there was a hole in the back of my pants?
Have a great day.


Lacey said...

Sorry! I guess I was overly consumed with myself to notice your bum.

llegue said...

I'm the one that made you laugh...right?

michelle said...

lacey's baby shower? are gonna do the girl's night out thing @ zia's...mmmmmmm, zia's. wish i could've been there, sniff, sniff! i bet she enjoyed recieving girlee stuff.

what?? a hole in your pants???? and no one told you????!!!! i would've told you:)

Jenn D said...

Thanks for the laugh. I hope no one noticed your hole. I'd be so embarrassed.

I am on book 2 of the Twilight series. I love it!