Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's Happening....

So I redid my picture screen ( I used to have each of my kids in each column but now I have four so I had to switch it up a bit). What'dya think? Oh, I just had Aaron's four yr old pics taken (upper left) and I did it in the sam sweater Jakob wore when he was two (lower right). Jakob's a big kid. We broke down and got Jonah an exersaucer. He loves it. And hopefully someone else can use it when he's done cuz we're done ya know.
March in New Mexico and it snowed on Easter too! I just love how excited the kids are and I'm itching to plant stuff.

Here's Travis working hard. I was lucky to catch him wiping his brow while doing the dishes. Like my curtains? I made them from some Joann's clearance fabric. It's time for a new faucet too as this one doesn't want to STAY in the on position. One of my favs of Aaron. I caught him giving me a shrug and he's just such a little elf. Have a great day everyone!

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Jenn D said...

I'd say you need to add onto your screen. LOL! Your kids are just precious.

YUCK on the snow. The weather has been so weird this year. It was 80 last weekend and it's rainy and in the 40's this week.