Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We were just having Family Home Evening and I was "flying" the kids on the bottoms of my feet. I can hardly do Jakob anymore, he weighs 83lbs., and then everyone wanted to pile on mommy. I had to turn the photo b/w because my face was beet red...I was literally being smashed. Good times. Have a great day.
And isn't this card smashing? I made it for a friend and I just love the way it came together. Have a great day!


Heather P. said...

That photo is just precious! Absolutely precious! :) I used to play "airplane" with my brother when we were little... Good times.

What a gorgeous card, too! LOVE the colors!

D said...

That card is gorgeous!!! Love the fun family photo too! those are the best moments to remember. I remember my mom "flying" me when I was a kid.

Jill said...

Cute pic of you and the kids! I love the card. It IS smashing. :)

Jenn D said...

My kids love flying that way. I'm glad I only have 2 to smash me. I think I'd have issues with 4 piled on top. The photo is adorable!

Your card is fabulous. That image is one of my favorites and that background is amazing!

Kim Watson said...

Hello you lovely lot!! It looks as if things are going just fine in the Buck household :o) That pic says a 1000 words you know!

Your card is so cute too...the inking on the edges finishes it off so nicely.

I think of you so often, all the way across the ocean. I hope you are well & happy. Sending BIG hugs to you all.