Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thrifty Thursday Halloween Style Batman Minifig

Kuddos to my hubby for crafting the form for this costume. Jakob wanted to be a Lego MiniFig for Halloween but it wasn't until the last minute that he decided he wanted to be a BATMAN MiniFig!!! Travis got to work and built all of the parts out of a piece of sonotube and a home depot box. :)

Then I got to work painting. First I masked off the area that would be yellow with masking tape and paper. I then painted the head black. Later, after removing the mask I painted the mouth and chin cleft. And here we are with the ALMOST finished product (we have cool hands too). I added velcro tabs to the box and attached the cape he had from a previous Batman costume. He is going to wear a long sleeved gray shirt and his homemade minifig hands made out of PVC pipe. Those need a little tweaking before tomorrow's school reveal. This only cost a few dollars but he is in heaven.
Hope your day is thrifty and fun!

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Annette said...

WOW YOU GO GIRL...that is so so cool. I love it..