Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Wedding Attire

So here we are (actually I'm on a 10 hour drive to SLC :). I purchased this swanky black dress for a quarter, it was missing a belt. The ruffly sweater was 25 cents too. The purse was a dollar. The belt was a quarter...the shades were free because they were in a purse I was purchasing and the awesome Edgewood Salvation Army diva, Jaime told me just to take them (they're so retro I love them)!!!

Necklace from the dollar store. So that's what I wore to Ms. Heidi's wedding. She looks amazing! I can't believe the young girls I taught at church are now getting married...making me feel old.
Oh, PS my shoes are Naturalizers...thrifted for 2 bucks but the elastic was shot so I took them to a local shoe repair and for 2 dollars a shoe he made them perfect for me!!! $6 bucks for Naturalizers ain't bad ;)
Have a Thrifty Thursday!!!!


Brett said...

You are amazing! That is all :)
Okay I lied, I love your outfit and I would love it if you would teach me to shop ... okay, *that* is all.

Heather (goldiecar) said...

You are the crazy thrift shopping queen!! Nice work!! (and just a little jealous you scored sweet deals!)