Saturday, December 10, 2011

All Through the House

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I love my made over stereo cabinet and that it inspires me to decorate in a new way for the Christmas season.

I purchased this nativity at Bethel for a few is beautifully handcarved...couldn't pass it up.

This salt dough nativity is something the kids and I made a few years ago. Travis likes to tease me that my sheep looks more like a we just call him a sheep/dog. No wise men yet but there gifts are there.

There's that snowflake I purchased at Salvation Army along with a South American clay nativity that I picked up there last year. I love the tones of it and their sweet expressions.

Just a white porcelaine nativity that I purchased at Bethel for I believe fifty cents.

Here's the hurricane all filled up with the lovely ornaments I purchased last week. I just put a bit of fiberfill in the bottom and then started stacking.

That Santa bell was actually Travis' Nana's. She sent it to us for Christmas one year when she was clearing her household. He's very delicate and flaky so he needs extra care.

Our Tree this year...maybe someday I'll live in a house where I can put the tree in front of the window like we always had it growing up.

I have an ornament addiction...I like to shop around after Christmas each year and see what beautiful things I can find for 70-80-90 percent off. We have a tradition in our home where the kids get a new ornament every year so that when they leave home and finally have their own tree they will have ornaments to put on it.

This is my clay pot nativity. Last year I decided that I was going to make wise men to go along with the Holy Family. I finished one...then I must have gotten distracted :). Maybe the other two wise men will find the star this year.
Have a wonderful weekend! Going to listen to the Messiah today and then the ward Christmas party.


creating memories.. said...

I would soooo love to pay your gorgeous house a visit!!

Paulette, Jvona & Rachel said...

Everything is so lovely. I covet that hand carved nativity!

Annette said...

aww I love it...awesome decorating... you know that big white star/snowflake in the middle...well I used to have one of those. that is so funny...

I love your pretty..