Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Remembering Thor

What a traumatic past couple of days we've had. On Sunday our little minpin/chihuahua mix, Thor, was attacked by a pack of our neighbor's dogs and he later died as a result of his injuries. This happened right in our back yard. I feel so horrible about not being able to save him.

I never really thought of myself as one of "those" pet owners...you know...the ones who treat their pets like people. I have four kiddos that are tops on my list but Thor wriggled his sweet little self into our hearts. We adopted him from the Animal Humane Society over five years ago and he was such an easy dog to be an owner to.

He didn't wander. He never messed in the house. He only got on the furniture when we weren't home to notice :). He slept in his bed on my side of the room. It took him forever to eat through a 20lb bag of dog food. He was so good with the kids and hardly ever barked. I used to say that if anyone wanted to rob us Thor would run out to meet them and tell them, "Take anything you want just as long as you give me some love."

Our neighbors, Andy and Gloria, were like his adoptive parents. They loved to love on him-they even let him up on thier furniture :). Andy is actually the one who ran out to save Thor when he saw him being attacked. The most shocking part is that the perpetrator dogs are still there, with their owners. We have to take them to court to have them removed from the home. I can't believe that tAnimal control would take a chance that this might happen to another animal let alone my children.
I just wanted to pay tribute to our "good boy".
A few things about Thor:
-Every night when we would kneel down in a circle for prayer in our family room Thor would always come up and be a part of our circle
-He refused to eat or drink while on any car trip-even the WHOLE 12 hour trip to Gramy and Grampy's house.
-When he was out he would mosey on over to Andy and Gloria's house and wait on their porch until he saw our minivan round the corner-then he would race us home-he always won because he could cut across our yard :)
-If I was making anything with chicken he would smell it and just sit in the kitchen until I put a few scraps in his bowl
-He was 7 and a half years old (we think, based on the estimate from the humane society when we adopted him)
-My husband named him, Thor, because he wasn't happy that we had adopted such a small dog-he cried too when we had to let him go.
-He had the funniest snaggle tooth on his lower jaw that stuck out over lip on his left side...this frightened more than a few visitors that thought he might be baring his teeth at them.
-Whenever we have a fire going Thor is laying right near it-even if it meant he was panting-silly dog.
-He was such a QUIET dog. In order to get what he wanted he would follow you around EVERYWHERE just looking at you until you figured it out. "You wanna go out-head to the door and open it-no." "Are you thirsty-no you have food and water." "OHHHH-the bedroom door is closed and you want to go lay down!"

I asked my husband to take his bed out of our room because I just couldn't handle it. There are little reminders of him everywhere. WE WILL MISS YOU THOR!

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