Thursday, December 01, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Style

$7.00 for the lot!!!

I received some HORRIBLE news the other day about my local Edgewood Salvation Army. The dear lady who ran the store resigned as did her two co-workers. I don't know what this means for the future of that store. It hasn't been open since...but my life instantly got sadder because of it. I still need my thrifty fix though so I headed out (farther) to another great store called Bethel Storehouse. They have THE BEST prices on books and toys.
All soft back children's books are FIVE cents!! Hard backs are .10 cents. Adult HC are a quarter (with a few exceptions).
Blue ornaments: .50 cents
Gold ornaments: .75 cents
Zooble House with five zoobles: .25 cents (SCORE for Tessa's Christmas present)
Lego helicopter/plane: .25 cents (for Jakob's stocking)
Liz Claiborne Wallet: .75 cents
Decorative Plate: .75 cents (for a friend's gift I'm making)
Birds: .50 cents (makeover coming up)
Spice Stepped Stand: 1.00 (it's underneath everything)
Scrabble: practically brand new (have you seen the cute ornaments you can make with the letters??!?!)
books :) (the Fantastic Four coloring book is brand new and still has stickers it will go in Aaron's stocking)
(Silly Shark Pop Up in beautiful condition for Jonah for Christmas)

Happy for my haul. I may have to go back to visiting Bethel regularly again...but SA will always be near and dear to my heart!


Melissa D. said...

Score on the great things you got. Sad to hear about your usual store though. I may have to check out my local thrift stores tomorrow. Good idea!

Deb said...

sorry to hear about your store, hope it reopens. Still, you were obviously meant to go to this other store, what great finds!
have a great day, Debxx

Annette said...

fun finds..

Tera said...

I've never been there - I should go and check it out.

Nicole said...

We just took some stuff there and thought it was strange because the front doors were closed in the middle of the day.... wonder what is going on.

Love all the cute ideas on your blog!