Monday, December 12, 2011

This Week's Big Sellers

I think most people are looking at electronics right now on ebay. It was an okay week. I listed 50 items and sold only 10...that's low...even for me. Thankfully, some of the items I sold went for larger amounts. Coming in at the top was this J. Crew sweater. It always suprises me what will be my biggest seller. I thought the Banana Republic skirt or the Diane von Furstenburg cropped pants would have gone for more :) All of these items were purchased at the most recent Salvation Army bag sale. So, on average I paid about 20 cents an item.

J. Crew Cashmere Blend Wool V-Neck Sweater S

Lane Bryant Black Blazer 24

Mossimo Graphic Print T-shirt XL

Banana Republic 100% Silk Gold Party Skirt 2

New York & Company Holiday Red Blouse M
Diane von Furstenburg Silk Cream Cropped Pants 4

Ralph Lauren Polo Full Length Dress
I hope you are having a great Monday. I've got a lot on my plate for today!!! I still have a few items that are ending today so we'll see what my total ends up being.
So far.
SPENT: $1.40
EARNED: $71.44
EBAY FEES: $6.43
(There are pay pal fees too but I won't add those in because normally they are covered by the cost of shipping)


Amber S said...

Awesome. I miss having great thrift stores!

vanlikethecar said...

Holy Moly. Clearly I'm in the wrong business. :)

Annette said...

wow that is awesome..