Monday, January 23, 2012


Another one of Authentique's new lines. It's perfect for boys or for a party. Very versatile. I think the wood grain is a dream.

These of friends...worst of enemies scenario.

I used my top note die from Stampin' Up for the journaling block.

I saw the pinwheels and I wanted to simulate wind blowing in some fashion with the paper. Loop de loo zig-zag stitches and cut outs...did the trick.

I hope your day is amazing!


Tara said...

Ok, this has nothing to do with Authenique but i had to comment on your thrifty thurs. posts...i just went through all of them! ha... I am a HUGE thifting maniac and visit my stores here every week almost...I love it and love the things you can's amazing....!!! Thanks for the's fun to see!!

Deb said...

Fantastic, this paper is so perfect for the boys! Love how you used cut outs to add more pattern!

Amber said...

Dang cute post, dang cute blog. You are soo talented. I will just live life wishing I was crafty. How does it feel to be so cool? I wonder.