Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Do I Have an 11 Year Old???

He is my joy and my life and also the pain in my butt! What is it with this age-the teasing and pestering of younger siblings does eventually taper off right??? Someone please tell my I'm right?!?!?! Well, the boy asked for cheesecake for days and then on the morning of his birthday changed his mind to red velvet with cream cheese icing-so I delivered like any super mom would.

For the past three years he has asked for chicken and dumplings-my grandma's recipe-and I make it once a year :). It's delicious. For some reason last year was really warm on his birthday and we were all sweating through dinner :)

Oh, he's ecited all right and in need of a good haircut-but he wants "the guy" to do it and not his mama. (The guy is the barber down the road :)

Oh thank you, oh thank you after Christmas clearance sales-for without you my children might go hungry and unclothed-not to mention without awesome birthday gifts. Total for both lego kits under 25 dollars. TOTAL STEAL. He was so funny and tried to stay up late building them and set his alarm so he could work on it before school in the morning.
Some things about my eldest kiddo that may be of some interest.
He is really helpful when he wants to be...really responsible.
He does this thing where he'll be sitting there watching t.v. or talking and he'll notice that the table runner is out of place or the rug is askew and he'll absentmindedly fix it-even getting up to do so. I think he must get this from me.
He's just as capable of living in filth as the other two hooligans but he's quicker to get it back in order.
He loves basketball, scouts, camping, riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, drawing, math, science and archery.
He's wicked good with electronics (that might just be a sign of his generation).
He always gives me a kiss goodbye whether he's leaving from the house or the car. He's taller than me-I'm 5'6".
He earned gold honor roll at school this semester.
He loves to help his dad on any "project" that's going on-tomorrow that means going to butcher some cows to help out a neighbor-he's almost morbidly excited about that one. (I may have to worry)
He has the best dimples ever.
He's a great reader but usually doesn't want to stop go, go, going to settle down and read.
He can eat more than both his dad and I combined-the bottomless pit.
He is probably allergic to dairy products-we're testing the theory right now (thank you soy milk)-because we couldn't handle the smell anymore ;)
He now sleeps on the bottom bunk but once fell off the top and gave himself a pretty good shiner.
He's a pretty sentimental guy and he has a great big heart.
I love my boy


creating memories.. said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!! May you have many many more!!

Deb said...

what a perfect birthay, Happy Birthday Jakob!
have a great weekend, Debxx