Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Mustard Pea Coat: Thrifty Thursday

So, before we get started...this coat is not thrifted :). My husband bought it for me for Christmas at Forever21. It was a whopping $40.00...sticker shock for me. The thing is that when I went to wear it the second or third time one of the buttons popped off. I was totally disappointed but I still had the receipt so off to the mall I went to return it for it's less than stellar performance.

I really wanted my money back because, let's face it, I'm thrifty and if a FORTY Dollar piece of clothing (that's not even wool) loses it's button on the second wear I feel cheated. But guess what, you only have 21 days to return something to Forever21 with a receipt. Lame. I was told they don't do store credit but that I could exchange the coat for anything in the store that equaled the same amount.

Off I went in search of a better "deal". Mind you I was shopping with my three year old-he was gettin' his groove on to the music in the store and hiding under every rack too. Not my idea of "retail therapy".
Faced with so many decisions and sizes I was truly overwhelmed (who knew department store shopping gave me anxiety) and finally decided I would just exchange the coat for the exact same thing and hope for the best.
There was only ONE left and it was in my size AND get this!!!! It was marked HALF OFF!!! NO WAY!!!
Making a long (three year old tantrum throwing story) short I was able to get the coat, a new shirt, a necklace, and some lip gloss all because I didn't want to put up with shoddy workmanship.
BTW I love my mustard coat-even more so now that it came with lots of extra goodies :)
Have a super thrifty day.


Bethie said...

Sounds like a good deal to me :-)
Love the color and cut....
Coffee soon???

Polish Jinx said...

I LOVE this coat! Great buy!