Monday, March 12, 2012



Yes, we think we're all that...NOT! Jenn came over to take me out for my birthday and said we should take pictures like all the young girls do. Fish lips, pouty lips, cheeks sucked in. You know you've seen it before ;) So we're being tongue and cheek...literally!!

 This layout was based on Scrapbook Steals Amethysty #3 Sketch by Melissa D. I strayed a bit but love it.
I thought the hangers would be cute because I was hangin' with my bestie.

American Crafts paper was perfect for the brightly colored clothes we were sporting.
The journaling will go in the pocket that says "a slice of the good life"

I pulled this title from a onsie I saw at my friend, Heidi's baby shower.

Do any of you ever have MAJOR issues with blogger letting you put things were YOU want to in a blog post? UGH! This is all over the place.
Have a sweet day.


Stephanie U said...

LOVE the hangers and title.

And for Blogger, it is a difference between line break and paragraph break. I just press enter after each picture to make sure things line up. If you press shift with the enter, you get what you have (or if you just move the pictures normally). You can tell from the html because br is line break and p is paragraph break.

Karin (PeppermintPatty) said...

Oh My this is exacty how I wish I could scrapbook - so wonderful - love all the details!
Hugs, Karin

MommyManderz said...

OH Misty I am in love with this whole page! From the colors to the hangers and title, it's so amazingly amazing!!