Monday, December 09, 2013

New Crop Handmade Snowflake Patterns

Today marks another Family Home Evening spent making paper snowflakes to add to our growing collection. It now takes me about a half hour or more to hang them all. Jonah wanted to copy Aaron's design so badly. I love when they want to be like each other. Tessa loved the idea of a butterfly and went to work making that happen. Unfortunately, her first attempt didn't turn out so hot. One good thing about this year is that I didn't have to do all the initial folding of the paper. Jakob and Tessa are getting pretty good at it. Daddy is at training for work so we hope to have him add his when he gets home. He always makes the coolest designs. Like his FIRE SNOWFLAKE.

To see last years crop
and to see them hanging up
have a wonderfully crafty week!

1 comment:

Kim Heggins said...

Wow...your family makes incredible snowflakes...simply stunning.