Thursday, June 21, 2007

Going Nowhere

Today I'm home, ALL DAY, with my three stir crazy children, until 5:30 (Jakob has his last T-ball practice). So now I'm going a little crazy. I did 40 signs, all they had for me to do at the time. Helped Jakob with 6 pages of kindergarten math and a small book. Fed the kids and put two of them down for a nap. Helped Jakob build his car track so he could race his cars. Put a princess dress on Tessa and "married" her and Aaron because that's who she asked to marry her. Took a super Cheesy picture of Aaron with his Lightning McQueen. Vaccumed. Cleaned off the counters. Made Gold Bars. I printed the recipe for them off of my friend Michelle's (my belle) blog. Made jello. I also had time to make this card. I'm visiting a new woman at church and I thought I'd give her this card with me and my companion's phone numbers. I'm meeting up with her and some other friends at the spray park tomorrow.

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michelle said...

Misty, I have to admit: I love to just be at home with the kids. It feels nice to enjoy them in our own element. Love everything about this card!!!!