Sunday, June 17, 2007

We're Back and Peeling from the sun hahaha!

Well we've arrived safely and exhausted and glad to be home. What a spectacular trip! Here are some pics for now and I'll write more later. Hugs, Misty

Travis, of course, had to find a snake! On the beach no less.

Tessa, loves to pose for the camera!

Aren't these cool seed pods?

Aaron, lovin' life on the beach! Doesn't this starfish look like it has a baby's bottom?

Doesn't this look like something out of a scary sci-fi movie to you? I still have no idea what it is!

Jakob had such a blast boogie boarding! Especially since he had a wet suit and his lips never turned blue this time!


michelle said...

Misty! I am glad you are back!!
the pics are great. hope you had a fun and relaxing{?} trip. the sci-fi looking pic looks like sea weed {the black stuff}. I saw your CK class line-up. We have two classes together...yeah! Welcome home, sleep good in your bed.

michelle said...

ew! ew! ew! that thing in the middle of the seaweed is creepy looking....I know you know what seaweed looks like-sorry.