Monday, June 04, 2007

Walk in my shoes for a day!

Today was a CRAZY day. This morning Tessa woke up at6:00am. She had a princess party to go to and I had to do her hair! Well at least that's the explanation she used for being up so early. I did her hair, specifically "princess bubble hair" ie. pigtails but the end of the pigtail is left in the rubberband so it bubbles up. That is one of her most requested hair styles. SO, I was up and I needed to get a ton of stuff ready. I got the boys up and fed them all breakfast. I left the house at 8:45am and went to deliver Jen's SU goodies. She was so happy to have them in her hands, hand delivered no less. Then I was on my way to drop Tessa off at her princess birthday party, which didn't start until 11:00 but since I had some radiation to go take she had to be early. Next up to Just Too Cute to pick up my paycheck. Phew, that will cover the mortgage check in the mail. On to the Library to drop off the majorly overdue books Tessa checked out before the end of the school year. THANK GOODNESS there's no such think as late fees on books anymore. Next, to the bank to deposit that huge paycheck of mine. U-Turn back on the freeway, headed to town. I've made it to the hospital. Now, how to find a parking spot. Are you kidding me? I drive around for about 15 minutes searching...searching....finally, bingo, park. Get the boys out head to oupatient admissions. Another 12 minutes waiting to get registered. She asks, "Would you like a map or an escort," while my two year old screams at the top of his lungs because she just took her pen back and he can't draw on mommy's paperwork anymore. I quickly tell her PLEASE just give me an escort, now he flailing on the ground and being a "terrible two year old" to the tee. Five minutes later my escort arrives... a night with a shining wheelchair, again I ask, are you kidding me? So I, the patient, perfectly capable of walking, sit my butt down in the chair and scrape up my screaming two year old. Off we go to Nuclear Medicine situated in the deepest, darkest, bowels of the hospital. Two elevators, three lefts, and five rights later we've arrived. He's finally calmed down, he enjoyed the ride and I wipe the alligator tears from his eyes. Jakob, meanwhile wonders out loud why he couldn't ride too. I'm called back and there on the desk is this vial sitting in a hollowed out piece of lead that looks like it just came from the junkyard. Next to it is a cup of water which the little rascal immediately tries to grab. After more questions about heart palpatations and over sensitivity to heat or cold I'm finally ready to swall the menacing pill. Easy. I'm off, this time walking out on my own, draging the dragon who is my beautiful, baby boy. Costco, across town, returning the dry roasted almonds I specifically told my dear hubby not to buy (raw is best). Eight dollars, hot dog, soda. Across the street to the Sprayground. The free water spray park at the beautiful community center. Change the boys, get Aaron over his new found fear of the water. Ten minutes later sit down, eat hot dog. Give boys granola bars and water. No lunches being served for the kids until next week. Another 45 minutes later and a huge egg on Aaron's head and were changed and ready to go get them lunch. Wal-mart, lunchables, found a cute outfit (Travis later said the shirt looks like a maternity one, ughhhh). Car, boys eating lunchables, drinking caprisuns, eating skittles. Back across town, dropping off Natalie's SU goodies. She's not there, at an interview, good luck. Oh forgot, here's some pictures I've been meaning to give her. Need glue runners, stop at store, pick up three, back in the car, back to the hospital. They need to check my radiation levels. Where's Travis? He's supposed to meet me here at 2:15. At last, he's here, 2:26. Rush down to the bowels again sans escort (thank goodness). Ten minutes later I'm out again. Travis is driving the boys home, getting the Toyota van, picking up Tessa, getting some gas, and coming back into town so that we can drop the van off for work and still be able to get home. I go to the thrift store, w/o any children and I find a cute pair of shorts and a t-shirt for Aaron, and three fishing type hats for the kids to wear while we're at the beach next week. Call Travis, where are you? Okay meet you there in 15. I get there first and have some time to gather up all of the trash that has accumulated in the back seat of our small car. 3:45, dropping of van, explaining what they haven't fixed correctly, okay, no it is not our car's alarm system, it worked perfectly before you "fixed" it. Guy says wellllllll, I'll have to figure out what's wrong with it. DUH! Half an hour later we're all together again. Travis has to mail off a dvd he sold on That seriously takes about15-20 minutes. Seems EVERYBODY decided to go the the PO today. We're on our way to Harbor Freight to check out bike racks so that we can take bikes to the beach. I look down, it's 5:00pm. Oh no, is that really the time. Jakob, has a T-ball game at 6:00. Back on the freeway, headed back home. Jakob, get your uniform on! It's still in the dryer and I forgot to turn the dryer on. Luckily it was the ONLY thing in the dryer. Hurry, hurry. We get there with five minutes to spare. They have and okay game, the other teams outfielders rocked, maybe they actually get to practice on a field (there's always someone on the t-ball field when our team has practice). Luckily, no scores are kept in t-ball. Hungry! Stop at burger king for a bite to eat with Jakob. He's excited about the spiderman toys. We're on our way home, it's 7:30, I look down and there are the overdue rental movies Travis has lovingly placed in the car for me to return. To the movie gallery. Return the movies, never renting again. Home, pajamas, here I am it's 10:00pm. What a day. Tomorrow, the full Thyroid uptake scan, but hopefully not as busy as today.


Jill said...

Holy cow! What a day you had. Actually I can relate, but I haven't had any that were this busy for a little while...if we lived closer I know we'd be good friends and I'd offer to watch your kids so you didn't have to drag them along with you to the doctor's--that is tough. I have a two year old too you know, so I could picture the meltdown scene perfectly. You are really going to enjoy your vacation at the beach aren't you?!

michelle said...

And "they" say stay at home moms don't do anything. I say come to my house and yours at 6am and we'll show them "nothing".