Thursday, June 07, 2007

I lied, here's my last post!

A Scrapbook lo I did about my imperfect self!
Paris Hilton drives me crazy! There, now THAT'S my last post until after vacation. I'm so sick of people getting off the hook for driving under the influence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


michelle said...

Amen! I was on the treadmill at work for an hour and that is all the news talked about-paris hilton! She bugs me and I don't feel sorry for her having to go to prison. Anyways, I love how you grouped the pics and how you used those stickers. Cute lo.

Danielle said...

Followed your link from username there is qweengoober. I love this Lo. It is so honest and beautifully done.

Wish I lived closer to you so that I could watch your two year old while you went to the hospital.

you can check out my blog at

Heather Summers said...

Well I couldn't agree more with you on the DUI situation! Onto better things though, this page is BEAUTIFUL!!!