Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heads Up! On a bunch o' stuff.

Are you getting gussied up tonight like this here... um... er gentlemen to my left.

Thanks to Sue Daly for nominating me for this awesome award.

I would like to pass this nom on to

Jill at Inkgenious

Jenn at Llegue
Happy Valentines Day Everybody! (I don't really play into the gimmicks anymore other than making my dh a card and helping my kiddos with theirs). It's something cute to celebrate though!

I am just giving y'all the heads up that when this blog o'mine reaches 10,000 hits there will be some FABULOUS blog candy (courtesy of the kindhearted Sue Daly, Mr. Brown and his mistakes, and the wonderful SU!) With that hint, and if you read my blog then you might be able to guess one of the things I'll be giving away shortly. It really is pretty awesome, so stay tuned. On that note I'm off to create or take a nap which ever one happens first.

***For all those who live in the Albuquerque area there is an amazing craft store you HAVE to visit. It's called Rhonda's Creative Crafting Center!!!! I was NOT disappointed when I went there for the first time today. They had every color of stickles imaginable and YUMMY paper (you don't want to miss it, yeah, you know who I'm talking to). PLUS they gave me a box of chocolates, a heart shaped notebook and a bag full of Valentiny goodness when I checked out!!! (Each of my kiddos also got a box of chocos and a heart notebook which they quickly filled with stickers, that was so sweet!) Awesome... we just don't have stores like that around here, it was like being at convention again.


Catherine said...

love this card =)

Lesli said...

Great card - I love to have the pattern!!!

pescbrico said...

This card is stunning! wow!!!

michelle said...

What have you been up to?! alot I guess. Someone's been creating! Cute cards, tooth holder, and pics of the kids. Tessa has pneumonia?! Doesn't that make you mad to know that parents ACTUALLY would send their child to school in that condition. But you're an awesome mom and too smart to follow dr.'s orders;) we've been sick all week and I still have been working-I am exhausted. Hope everything is going well in your neck of the woods. love ya

llegue said...

You like me! You really really like me!! I'd liked to take this opportunity to thank all my fans, without them I'd be nothing!

Deborah said...

Nice to stop by and say hi! Happy valentine's Day and hope your kiddos are better real soon! Deb

craftyb said...

Hi M, thanks for your kind comments! I scrolled through your posts - you have some fab work on here! No 2 cards are the same in any way! You definitely deserve your award - congrats!

Your 3 kiddywinkles are gorgeous - hopefully they'll be on the mend soon! bx

Jill said...

That card is seriously awesome. And thanks for the shout out!

Samantha said...

Love the card! It's so original. Congrats on the nomination! It's definitely well deserved :)