Thursday, February 21, 2008

I started this lo forever ago at a get together at my friend Linda's house She gave us a lot of the goodies that went into this lo. I can't exactly claim it as all mine but I've added my own personal touches, and it's a finished lo!My dd Tessa was a flower girl at a friend's daughter's wedding along with her closest friend Kate. The best part about it was that when Tessa walked down the aisle ahead of the bride she didn't toss out flowers at her feet, NO, she carefully placed one flower petal at a time on the ground. The guests all thought she was adorable and although it took her longer than practiced to get down the aisle she got there and Kate, such a sweetie, waited patiently for her.

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pescbrico said...

Oh this is such a gorgeous layout! Your page is very awesome! wow! I love the journaling in the diamond