Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And the chaos ensues...


I guess I first need to start off by saying that the WHOLE reason I began this video was so I could catch Jonah doing the baby gurgle vibrate lip thing...it was soon evident that the kids had other things in mind. But I DID catch it...towards the end of the video...if you listen closely and I think I got it once on camera too. Sheesh

Here are four reasons that it has been a bit difficult for me to be creative lately (other than the wedding invites). I guess five if you include the laundry pile on my couch. My crazy house and my crazy kids. I love my so called life!!!!

Soon I'll have to regale you with my tale of meeting the mayor yesterday. Woe is me.


Erica B. said...

I hear ya!

I would love to hear about your tale of meeting the mayor.TW I get my catalogs sometime tomorrow!

Lesli said...

Gotta love a crazy life - it makes everything worthwhile! I hope 2009 is treating you well!

Jenn D said...

He is adorable! LOL @ the no clothes. Sounds like my house. hahahahaha. Your kids are adorable!

michelle said...

girl, hang in there. what mom doesn't go crazy? esp when our husbands can't be there to back us up....i always feel so outnumbered.

i feel jipped! i won't get to see jonah grow up in real life, thanks for the video. he's growing too fast and getting more handsome

Kim said...

Hey what a cute clip! It was so great to hear your voices. Now I feel like I know you a bit better.

Jonah is getting so big & cuter every day! Thanks for sharing!