Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project 365: 9,10,11,12,13

January 21st, Day 9

The next season of LOST premiers and we can't help ourselves...we watch it and we're just as confused as we were when last season ended. Will we continue to watch? We'll see. How many times can we say, "What the heck?"

January 22nd, Day 10
This pretty much sums up my life right now. Everyone is sick. I took Jonah to urgent care. He has croup. Tess and Aaron have horrible runny noses and coughs. I just don't want the yuck. I'm so grateful for modern medicines that help us get over the really bad stuff.

January 23, Day 11
Jakob was baptized today. I can't tell you what a stressful and fulfilling time it was for me. I am so proud of him. He is just growing up way too fast. I was so emotional when I saw him enter the baptismal font.
January 24, Day 11
Jakob won the pinewood derby (his very first one) for the Wolf Scouts. Here he is holding his medal and the car that he and his dad built together. It's totally based on one of his Hotwheel cars.

January 25, Day 12
I love my mom and so do my children. She's such a fun grandma, but don't open the door to her car as she's driving down the road(Aaron) because she'll let ya have it! I'm so happy she got to be here to see her first grandson make his baptismal covenant. We had fun shopping at the local thrift stores. We got some awesome deals.


michelle said...

Good choice jakob! we are so proud of you, we really, really, really wish we could be there on your special day. you're awesome dude! and congrats on your pinewood derby!! tell us your trick;). we love ya

SO FAR we haven't gotten sick. hang in there, this season is always rough. and yes, thank goodness for modern medicine-what a blessing.

i just love your mom, she is so real and sweet. she is pretty that where you get it from?

and LOST...don't even get me started!! i too have thought about giving up on LOST. i am frustrated EVERY time i watch it and i AM tired of saying what the heck?!!!! it's a love/hate relationship. love ya girl

VanillaBean said...

That is a nice picture of your mom and the kids! Poor Aaron looks like be might be sick there! Hope they are all better.

Fink said...

We have spent our time with the cooties too! Right now I am fighting off the flu or at least I think I am! It will probably win but what can you do! Just stopping to say hi!