Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meeting MR. MAYOR

I live in a small town, I love it and the best part is I live within twenty minutes of a major metropolitan area. Well, our small town has a mayor. Cool. Our small town also just opened up their very own public library in a new location (our library used to be contained in an beautiful old house but not very ADA). Cool.

My Monday was so busy, like most moms. All the usual stuff. I worked out in the morning, worked on signs, did housework, paid some bills. I did NOT shower, put on any makeup, put my contacts in, run a brush through my hair ? ( I used my hoodie to hide my bad hair day). I had to pick the kids up from school because they don't allow science fair boards on buses. So I'm there, hoodie up, signing kids out and as we're leaving I get this crazy idea that we should go visit our new library. Now, this might have something to do with the fact the my wonderful husband has been MIA since last Friday...working OT and taking his license renewal classes all weekend. I was dreading the nightly grind of homework and dinner making so a trip to the library sounded perfect and relaxing.

We arrive and I give the kids the whole, "Now, we're at the library and you need to use quiet voices," speech. We go in and there are only a few other patrons and it's not a very large library. We take our seats in the raised childrens' section and the kids proceed to peruse the books. Up walks a gentlemen, I think very happy to see children in the new library. He says something like, "I hear happy voices over here." And I assume the, eyes downward, please don't look directly at me, you might melt, position. But up he walks arm outstretched, "Hi, Rob Stearley, welcome to our library."

Me: Ummm, uhhh, hi, Mayor.

Yes, I'm in my workout clothes, unwashed and unkempt, HOODIE DOWN and all I can think is that I'm so glad he didn't walk up to me while I was trying to nurse the baby!!!!! (I use a cover, but still). I didn't recognize him with his glasses on. I was so embarrassed, but I can't help but wonder, doesn't our mayor have anything better to do on a Monday afternoon than sit at a library, read the newspaper and greet people. Hmmm.

I resolve to never leave my house without combing my hair ever again.

Have a great day.
PS I love that our mayor is getting sworn in in a leather jacket in this picture. Sheesh. Maybe he didn't think I looked half bad after all. I also love that in the case of a deadlock vote our mayor is chosen by LUCK of the DRAW. I think it's whoever chooses the higher card, it happened in 2004, NO JOKE! 7 of diamonds and a 10 of hearts


Lacey said...

I've lived here my whole life and you know more about our community than I do! Pretty sad on my part.

Jenn D said...

What a cute story. I bet you looked just fine. We all have those mommy type of days.

Erica B. said...

Good story! I will keep this short because apparently i can't type tonight! I think I left very unkempt today and I'm glad I didn't run into anyone mayorly.

Kristy said...

Oh you are a pea out of the same pod that I was from sister. LOL!

I love the story.

I wish our small town had a library. Truly. We have to pay $30 every three months if we want to "borrow" library services from the next city over.

michelle said...

that's always how it happens! one day out of the whole year we skip a shower and the mayor greets's okay. and i am sure you didn't look as bad as you may have felt. love ya

luck of the draw huh. very interesting and i believe you. now that i live in the "country", my eyes have opened ;)

Kim said...

Hahaha! I needed a good chuckle. He's a guy, & in my experience guys don't notice things like clothes or hair. He was probably thinking...ah! we have a super-mom here!

Thanks for your sweet messages. I am glad to be back, I have missed you.

Fink said...

Yes it makes him like a regular guy! Hope things are well!