Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lovin' project 365

January 18th, Day 8 I spent the better part of the day sorting through mail. I feel responsible for the death of at least one tree a month because of all the junk mail and bills we receive. So sad. I've even put our names on the do not mail list, but it still keeps coming.

January 19th, Day 7: Jakob turned eight years old. This is a big year for him. He wants to be baptized and he is such a good big brother, well, when he's not arguing with them or bossing them around. He got a new Razor bike for his birthday (I love after Christmas clearance) which he promptly rode at 6:30 am, yey for no school. January 20th, Day 8: Can he fix it? Yes he can. Travis is so good with all things electronic and electrical and automotive and building related. He really is a jack of all trades. Tonight he is building an electronic timer for the boyscout pinewood derby this Saturday. I hope he'll help me make curtains for the kitchen tomorrow.


Kim Watson said...

I get a ton of junk mail too...good on ya for sorting it. I wait for the pile to get so big it falls of the table then I just scoop it all up & toss it anyway...dumb huh? I wish I could just get into the habit dealing with it as it comes.

Sounds like you are a Momma in tune...Jakob obviously is thrilled with his bike!! (sales are the best aren't they!)

Shutterbug said...

I'm lovin' Project 365 too! Both yours AND my own! You started a trend! I haven't posted anything yet but I have a memory stick drumming its fingers on my desk at home. Stay tuned.

michelle said...

hey girl! don't you love having a man that can do anything. travis is so smart.

does jakob love his pocket bike?!

junk mail. i love it. it's not bills:)

good job on keeping up with the 365. props to you, mother of 4!!! how do you do it with a newborn and all?! love ya

michelle said...

you got a new picture for your blogger profile....have you lost some weight???? you don't even look like you have a 3 month old.you go girl!!!!