Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Bathroom Blog

First, a little history...when we came to look at this house and I walked into this bathroom (which had carpet) I fell in love with this tub. I dreamt of all the wonderful baths I'd take in it and I just had to have it. Now I call it the BIG waste of space. It is the most uncomfortable tub I've ever been in not to mention the fact that it takes the entire contents of our water heater to fill it 2/3 full and then all you get is cold... Honestly I haven't taken a bath since I was pregnant with Aaron and he'll be five in March. So sad, right. We are thinking of doing a little remodel, tearing this tub out and putting in a shower/tub combo. We'd then rip out the shower stall and make it into a linen closet. I really like that idea. It may take YEARS to get it done though.
So here's the tiny shower stall I use because of the big, bad bathtub. It's a work out shaving my legs in here!

Messy counter with paint tray.

My little thrift store quails. When I bought them I thought, why did you buy these, and now I love them.
These picture are a testament to the last 12 hours of my life. I started early this morning and a now DONE painting this bathroom. The bathroom itself still needs a little a new curtain for the window. When the paint was much lighter in here it just used to blend in now you can see the dark edges and it looks horrible. Soooo I'll be doing a little shopping. I'd also like a big orange vase for my counter top. I have some frames that I'll be paintin in various shades or my fav color and hanging on the wall by the tub.

Travis' job of putting up bead board instead of tile on the tub surround will be finished...who knows when! But I'll post pictures when it's done. I'll try to get daylight pics too as the yellow flourescent light is abomindable. Have a great day.


michelle said...! love the bold colors with white. awesome job girl.

Tara said...

OMG OMG!! I swear we live the SAME life.... we too started our bathroom right before thanksgiving!!! it all started with a simple "let's take this tub out and put a new one in" yeah right, once we took it out, we ran into problem after problem!! 2 months later.... we are STILL working on it, we also did a tile surround on the walls as well around the turned out gorgeous but boy the grouting sucked ha! good luck with yours!!! it's looking great!!!

Erica B. said...

It looks great! I love the colors you chose. Maybe I have time to paint my bathroom before the baby is born. . . So cool that you had the foresight to take before and after pictures.