Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year=New Do's

Jakob, he likes it high and tight. Hair lingo ya know. Keeping up on his hair is a chore in itself.
He sayin' , "See how suave I look now mom."

Aaron the wildman. His hair was so long I could put it in a tiny ponytail in back. He didn't want to cut it but he was super happy with the end result though.
Can't you tell? Well he really is.
Then there's this little fuzz head. Travis just used the clippers on him all the way around. He just gets a clean up.
Awwwww. Look at the drool. Funny little side note. Jonah is the only child I have that we comb his hair from right to left because of his cowlick. Everyone else combs from left to right.
I even cut Tessa's hair but I think I'll be taking her to see my hairstylist FIRST before I post a pic...not so good.

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