Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jonah's Birth Story

Me in uncomfortable. So here's the way it all went two weeks and two days ago. I hadn't had much luck with the stripping of the membranes thing. My midwife had done it three times without any results.
I went in on Monday, five days overdue and was scheduled for some further ultrasounds on Wednesday and and induction on Friday. I was getting worried about how big the baby would be because Aaron was 9lbs 6oz and was five days overdue. My midwife said she didn't think he was that big, but maybe closer to 9lbs. Okay then. I was dilated to a five and not really contracting that I could tell.
Wednesday morning at 12:40am I was rolling over in bed, you know one of those three point turn kind of roll overs and !POP! there goes my water. I immediately turned to Travis as I ran to the bathroom and said, "Crap, Travis, wake up we need to go to the hospital now." (Aaron was born less than two hours after my water broke at the hospital) Then I got on the phone to the midwife and told her I'd be there in about an hour. I wasn't really in any pain...yet. I was, however "leaking" (nothing a extra grande sanitary napkin couldn't handle, right? WRONG). Got dressed, packed up the car, informed the in-laws we were on our way to the hospital, and headed out, the kids still safely unawares in their beds.
Remember the super grande sanitary napkin, well it was no match for the contraction that hit me right as we turned into the hospital. I couldn't believe it, I had to waddle into the hospital with a soaked bum. To top it all off in triage they insisted that they had to test me to "make sure" that my water HAD broken, umm, hello do you not see the puddle I'm sitting in here. UGH! I changed into my lovely hospital garb and they did their standard 20 minute this time my contractions were starting to get quite painful. I HATE laboring lying down and hooked up to stuff, my worst nightmare actually. The testing and monitoring were finished and it was determined that little Jonah had had a bowel movement in utero, so the NICU would have to check him out after his delivery.
Jonah one hour after being born: my little smurf boy.I'm finally moved into my laboring room after which seems like forever, but in all truth was only about forty five minutes. It was almost three in the morning. My midwife, Margot, said it was okay for me to get into the bathtub even though my water had broken...this was a first for me...laboring in water. I was grateful to get into the warm water and stayed there until a little after four in the morning when I felt the baby move down after a truly painful contraction. Yes, I really felt him twist and move down, it was crazy. I told Travis to help me out of the tub and the midwife came in to check on me. I was dilated to a nine or more. Almost ready to deliver, but wait, I'm still not 100% effaced, only 90%. Midwife asks me if during the next extremely excruciating contraction I can push down while she moves my cervix out of the way, umm, yeah, sure, okay. Never want to do that again. Now I can begin to push the babe out. Thank you! Two more extremely excruciating, mind numbingly, painful contractions during which I can clearly remember telling the all those within earshot that I couldn't possibly do this anymore and Jonah entered this world into his father's waiting hands. This is the first baby that Travis actually caught. Thank goodness for the extra midwife in training, Brenda, that was helping me get through the transition while Travis helped our little one come into this world on his end. Jonah Benjamin was born at 4:49am Wednesday morning.
My fourth in four hours from beginning to end. I couldn't have hoped for a better labor. However, I have imprinted that delivery in my mind because I never want to do it again. I don't know how we forget about how bad it is,(I actually felt myself tear this time, crazy) I'm determined not to let the memory diminish this time. Yeah right! In a couple of years I'll probably see new babes and ooh and aww over them, but I AM DONE, okay, OKAY!
So now you know the gory details, I left out the bits about how they were teasing me about gushing amniotic fluid all over the floor and how Travis was christened with said fluid while he waited with hands outstretched for baby. Oh, well I guess NOW you have all the gory details.
Jonah, two weeks old: so darn cute.
Have a great day.


Becky said...

What a man-my husband has tried to stay as far away as possible when our babies were born. He stayed at my head for the whole 48 HOUR labor the first time, then with the c-section for #2, he closed his eyes almost the whole time! It will be so nice when baby Jonah gets older and you guys can tell him how Daddy "caught" him. :)

pescbrico said...

Thanks for sharing with us! I had a natural delivery the first time but since my little girl have a paralysed arm because of it... I will get a C-section for this one... totally different adventure I guess.
Love the picture :)

Heather the Mooselover said...

Wow- what a quick labor! Good for you. I was induced and 12 hours later they finally did a C-section. I was just grateful for my healthy baby!

Kristy said...

Oh know how to have a baby don't you! We are kindred spirits for sure!

We nicknamed Tessa - "squirt", due to the FOUNTAIN of fluid that shot out as I was pushing her out as my water hadn't yet broken and she was a comin'.

You should have seen my doctor move outta the way like lightning! Probably cursing some German obscenities at the same time. HA HA!

And she came so fast I tore with her too....and got to experience the ever so lovely stitching up with no pain killer whatsoever. Yeah...niiiiiiiiice.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the story.

Oh man, I can't even begin to say how good it feels to know that I will not have to go through that all again. It was a wonderful and miraculous experience each time that I will always cherish, but I can honestly say that I have zero desire to ever do it again! Which is good, since shop is closed!

Erica B. said...

Good for you Misty! That's why we have to be so miserable in the big phase so we are actually that disparate to go through the birthing!

Tara said...

oh i have YET To forget the pain's ok... but aren't they worth it...???
thanks for sharing your story and congrats again girl...enjoy!!!

D said...

I love the epidural. It wore off with Asher and I was not happy with the pain. It still was probably better than with nothing though. There was a great gush of water when he came out too. The midwife was surprised. That's so cool that your husband got to catch Jonah!

Tracey said...

CONGRATULATIONS hon ,Welcome baby Jonah - he is beautiful Misty, wishing you all the best , take care XXX

Deborah said...

What a champ Jonah is! Healthy, big and beautiful! Hugs, Deb

Sarah Green said...

girl you are to funny!!!!!!! i also have 4 And i am also DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!