Friday, October 24, 2008

Storage Solutions

**Pictures to the left may be supersized
Sharing a little something up close and personal about my scrap space. I wish it was all matchy matchy, but I'm not blessed with that kind of fundage (remember when we used to add "age" to the end of like every word, man am I getting old) and this space works for me.
This is how I store my buttons, by color in little drawers. Also beads and what not.
My solution for small punches...they fit four to a drawer and I also have my tags, brads and eyelets in this set of drawers. I just added a sample of each punch to the front of the drawer so I would know what's in there. My mom was going to get rid of this two tiered lazy susan but I snatched it and repurposed it for my beads and sequin collection. My extra ribbon ended up on the bottom...I think I'm ready for a third rod of ribbon...sheesh. I could probably paint it to make it prettier. I use a stepped spice rack I found at the thrift store for my wood mounted rubber stamps. I love being able to see them all...I HATE dusting them! Again...maybe some paint to match it up. Here I used those super cheap metal curtain rods to hang up my "whale of a punch" punches. So easy to access and keep organized. You can spray paint the rods any color you want...I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Heck, I haven't even painted my walls yet! Those are my kiddos hand prints done in flour dough. Aaron's was so tiny. And here, yes here my lovelies is my ribbon, so yummy organized in ROYGBIV.


Kristy said...

Doh! Where did my comment go? My computer is way tired. LOL!

Umm you think you need anymore ribbon. HA HA!


I love all of your organization tid bits.

You would break out into a sweat if you saw my ribbon drawer. What a mess. At least it keeps JM occupied while I work in here.

I should send you some of the ribbon that I designed. Heaven only knows I've got way more than I'll ever use in all of the eternities. I have to say that the red houndstooth is pretty darn cute and works great for Christmas stuff!

Nicole said...

Misty I need yor help! I love the way you used the curtain rods. I just gave a bunch away! I could have used them. My sewing/craft space is a mess. I really need to clean it up soon.

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Ohhhh this helps me with some practical and affordable ideas sooooooo much!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your creative storage and your photos!! I absolutely appreciate it!!!

Kim Watson said...

Goodness...your room looks fantastic! I see what you have a ton of stuff....not a bad problem to have, I must say!

Great storage ideas...TFS!

Anonymous said...