Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Strict Crazy Woman On Board

I'm being really hard on myself this week seeing as it's the last week of the Biggest Loser Competition. I'm still eating healthy, but I've cut out all bad carbs, NO SWEETS, just veggies, fruits and lean proteins. I'm hoping for my biggest loss yet. I'm doing something a little different with my workouts too. Hopefully changing it up will be a shock for my body and it will "like" the changes. I only have two more days 'til final weigh in and I'm feeling GREAT! Excited for the big reveal. I'm so appreciative for all of the support I've received these last eight weeks. I'm also grateful to all the ladies in this competition...their devotion and hard work has truly inspired me. It's been so good LOSING alongside them. Hope you have a great weekend and here's a little tribute to creative cropping...
Yeah, I know this is just about unbearable to look at and I wouldn't even be showing you all this if it wasn't for how secure I am now in my body. I can't believe my husband didn't say..."Hey, honey, maybe you shouldn't wear white...I REALLY love you!" Oh well, I shocked a bunch of tourists in California...sorry for the sore eyes.
Thanks to Photoshop, I now look at least half way presentable...for posterity and all you know.


Dawn said...

I can't wait to see the pics! How is everyone feeling? Oh, and never wear white. :)

BTW, I have to lose 30 lbs by November. I am down 3.4 this week. We will be hotties together--you'll just have to wait for me to catch up.

Diane said...

Wow! What a difference,from then and now!! Way to go girl!!!
I can't wait to hear the final results of your competition!

Ellie said...

I am starting to eat just like you described tomorrow, back to the Zone style for me. I cut my carbs so low,
think South Beach phase 1, i can't do it. I panic, my brain doesn't work the same,I go into intense carb craving mode. Zone really is phase 2 of SBD, IMHO.

I can't wait to see how you did....

White, maybe it is fighting all that temptation; you know, good against evil.

Thanks for stopping by my blog; You look really good in white; you have a natural glow about you!