Thursday, February 25, 2010

Decorate ME!

I saw these pins on clearance at WM the other day and I picked one up with a hair bnd in mind. I think it's fancy shcmancy and I like it a lot. I used my SU Blossom Party flower die, a piece of jean material from Aaron's HOLEY jeans, and a piece of white thriftstore fabric to make the flower. Then I placed the pin on the flower and hot glued to the headband with a circle of felt underneath. Isn't it lovely? I'm sure Tessa will love it when she see's it today! Have a super day.
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michelle said...

IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL......awesome job!!!!

D said...

Gorgeous! I love those colors!

So My Husband wil be working in Downtown Alb. I think. Where's best to lkive to commute to there? Any areas we should avoid? We will definitely have to get the boys together. :)