Monday, February 22, 2010

Weigh In Monday: Week 8

A little frustrated...I was REALLY good. I ate well (wondering if I'm not eating ENOUGH?!?!, but I'm not hungry ever) and worked out extremely hard but the results were just not there for me.

I lost less than I wanted to and I'm wondering if my body is just slowing down because it's getting to a comfortable place of weight. I feel pretty amazing but I'd like to say goodbye to at least another 4.8 pounds.
I began this weightloss journey knowing that I wanted to do it "the right way" pills, no cleanses, no fad "diets". I wanted to work out, eat healthy, cut out the sugar and still be able to eat with my family. It has worked so well so far. I know it's something that I'll keep doing once the eight weeks are over. Even though I may not win this competition, I'VE WON... I have gained power over my body again... I'm in control.
I'll continue on this journey and see where I end up.
This week I lost 1.2 lbs. I know, it's a pound +, it's something, but it's not what I wanted to see. Maybe last week's 5 threw my body off. Who knows. I was also super stressed about the cub scout Blue & Gold banquet and pulling it all together. I have now lost 11% of my bodyweight in seven weeks, crazy! I'm grateful for the support of my friends and my husband who has been an amazing help this go 'round for me. Here's to the final five!!!!! Wish me luck.My honey and I at the Grand Canyon. I can't believe I thought this shirt looked cute. I'm practically bursting out of it! I am happy with me now.


Jenn Diercks said...

I think you have come really far. I think at points we all hit plateaus and get stuck. I'm at a stuck point right now and I sometimes feel like giving up. Instead I'm going to change it up and see what happens. I know you can do it! You've come so far and have accomplished amazing things these past 8 weeks.

Sarah C said...

you have done amazing!!! I am so glad I got to watch it happen!

michelle said...

girl, i am so proud of you! good job. doesn't it feel good??? love ya.

Diane said...

They say the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose,and believe me,I've been there done that!
You are doing exceptionally will Michele! Don't be hard on yourself,it may be cause you are not eating enough. But then again,you have less than 5 lbs to go. Losing 1.2 is good!!!It took me months to lose my last 5 lbs and I think it was cause i wasn't eating enough and I was stressing over it. Take it day by day and keep doing what you are doing,it'll come off eventually!
You are an inspiration!!!

D said...

You are doing awesome and losing a pound a week is plenty healthy. What's most important is you've created a new healthier lifestyle! I want to see photos of you now! :)

We will be moving to Albuquerque in June. Are you near there? Do you know much about the area? My husband just accepted an 8 month contract job there. We are hoping it turns into longer. :)