Monday, February 08, 2010

Weigh in Monday:Week 6

SOOOOOO. I JUST got home from a little jaunt to Florida that started on Thursday. I JUST weighed myself and I have mixed feelings. I'll start by saying that I spent probably a total of 48 hours of the trip either in a plane or WAITING to get on one! That's not good for weight loss, right. BUT I was still pretty good in the eating department and I did work out while I was in Florida, but I also missed a workout too. I'm just recommitting myself for this week. I'll begin again finnigan.
I've registered NO WEIGHT loss for last week. SAD, I know. Not too bad considering I spent a bunch of time on my butt (I would've done more walking but I was required to be dressed up due to the type of travel I was using). I know excuses, right!?!? Oh well. I DIDN'T go UP. So that's good. I'm exactly the same as last Monday. I feel ready to go, so bring it on!


D said...

Maintaining your weight when away from home is awesome! I'm impressed that you were able to eat well and exercise while traveling too. That is not very easy to do! Good job!

Sarah C said...

You are doing awesome Misty. Hope you had fun!!!!

Diane said...

Staying the same is a great accomplishment! Today is a new day and you are back home so it will be so much easier!
You are doing so well,Congrats!!!

Jenn Diercks said...

Don't feel too bad. Last week I gained 0.8 and I think you were still recording a loss then. This week I think I may end up losing 3 lbs. Maybe next week will be your week. You've been doing so well along this journey and we'll all have weeks where we don't lose or where we may gain. However if you keep plugging along you'll get past this point.