Saturday, August 06, 2011

Lost N Found: Sticker Book

(Puffy fabric suns with shimmer)
I decided it was high time I do some purging of some scrappy stuff around this house. I mean I've had a relationship with all things crafty from the tender age of five and here is proof positive. While rummaging through hundreds of stickers I happened upon my ond kindergarten/first grade sticker book. My friends and I used to trade stickers. I remember my mom taking me on special trips to an actual sticker store...rolls upon rolls of stickers for me to choose from. I know money was tight and I never got to have one of those fancy schmancy Lisa Frank sticker books. No matter, this little gem has survived the ages.

I thought it would be fun to show you a sampling of the stickers I must've thought were THE AWESOMEST because I stuck them in here. Shiny, silver unicorns (my mom had a thing for unicorns and I guess it spread to me, thankfully I grew out of it: mom, not so much:).

I still think these ballerinas are really sweet.

Felty bears with LISA FRANK fingernail stickers

Oooo, sailor bears. Anyone have an interest in vintage early 80's stickers.
Back to the three older children are now making their very own sticker books and asking if their's will be "really old some day"

Have a super day!


MommyManderz said...

hahaha. "really old someday". that's really cool you found this. i don't think i have anything from my childhood!

Cyndee K. said...

That's hysterical - I have my childhood sticker book somewhere too... (and I totally have those same sailor bears...)