Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Artist Time

I did this collage drawing a while back. It was a memorial type drawing of my grandfather. I've been thinking a lot about loss today and had a bit of a break down at church today. I miss my family a lot. My mom moved across the country and some close friends have moved away...fallen away...friends who are very ill or have lost those close to them...a lot to think about...maybe I'm just hormonal :)

Here's my gramps with angels wings. He was a WWII veteran hence the flag. I'm from New Mexico so there's a lot of that in here...adobe bricks and mesas.

Here's a close up of the temple I used in this collage. I believe I used the St. Louis Temple as my inspiration here. That little girl there...yeah...she's a representation of me. I only had one set of grandparents growing up and they both died young. I miss them terribly.
Hope this isn't too morbid...just wanted to share.


Cristine said...

This is beautiful, Misty. Such a special way to pay tribute to your grandfather and your faith.

Sarah said...

I'm blown away, it's beautiful.

Paulette, Jvona & Rachel said...

Gorgeous montage. You're such a good artist.

Marcie Ogilvie said...

Misty this is beautiful! yes, frame it a Michaels with a coupon. I've been thinking about loss a lot too. Zach's forever date is September 14 and I'm not looking forward to it. The closer it gets the harder it gets. love you!

Kristina said...

This is amazing! You are so, so, SO talented. What a great tribute to your grandpa.

Jill said...

Wow! This is truly, amazingly beautiful.

Life is hard sometimes. I'm sorry you are feeling the sting of loss lately. It is a hard, lonely feeling, but chin up! You are loved.