Sunday, June 22, 2008

California adventure- Pic Heavy

Everyone calls them sand crabs but they're not the kind of crabs you think of when you hear that word...they're more like bugs that burrow in the sand and they range from very small to quite large...the boys and girls loved digging for them in the wet sand I personally wish they'd never come out of the sand.

It's hot in the CA desert and the kids love Grammy and Grampy's pool...I loved how Jakob totally thought he could swim and jumped in the deep turn, I almost ended up jumping in in my church clothes to save is is in front with floaties, the safe bet.

Aaron's expression in this picture just cracks me up. This was our first trip down to the beach and he wanted to wear his bucket on his head...Tessa wanted to copy him but hers was too small.

There's this really neat conglomeration of fast food places and train cars in Barstow. I ate a chicken Caesar salad at 8:00pm while the kids enjoyed happy meals...well, all except Tessa who was passed out cold. Travis, ever the "health nut" had a double quarter pounder with cheese. (FYI on our way home from the beach we stopped at a Foster's Freeze and he had this burger called the Big Boss...I wouldn't have touched it with a ten foot pole...but he was in had swiss cheese, onion rings, bacon and I think some kind of thousand island sauce...he's still working that one off)
Every year we camp near Santa Barbara I see this building and I say to myself, Misty, you really need to take a picture of that old building before it's gone forever, this year I did. I have no idea what it used to says Rio Grande Oil Co on the sides...probably has something to do with the nearby railroad. Has some cool Morracan styling.

I just love this pic of Tessa with Grampy, reminds me of the good ol' days.

One of the best things about our campsite this year was that someone had hung a swing (branch) from a tree and the kids absolutely loved it.

Aaron and cousin Reid, Jakob and Luke with a dead rattlesnake, dinosaurs in AZ, Aaron Crocket, Cousins on a couch, Cool Travis, Boys in tree, Nice Shades Aaron, Grammy and Grampy, Luke and Jakob in sand, Travis building rock sculptures, the tinniest fish EVER to be caught on a hook, SPONCH!, Bathing beauty Tessa, Our Family, Grampy and Tessa looking at sand cockroaches.


michelle said...

hey misty, for some reason I am not able to see the pic you posted. Don't know if it's my computer or what.

KJ-Starre said...

What amazing pic's, it sure looks like you had a REAL vacation. I would give my baby finger for one of those...:o)

Jenn D said...

What wonderful pictures. It looks like you had a great time.

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh how fun!!!! And what great photos to capture those special memories!!!

D said...

SO fun! You passed by my town on the way to the beach. I was out of town too though. We went to that train car food stop in Barstow last September on the way home from Utah. It's pretty cool looking. I think I got a sandwich and my hubby got panda express. There's a lot of variety packed in there.

I'm excited to go to the beach this summer! My cousin's ward meets there on Tuesdays so I will probably get out there a few times. I love your photos!