Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New pages and recycling fun!

These pictures were taken a whle ago...August 2006 and whoo hoo I finally got them scrapped! Can you believe it? We took a little trip to Tingley Beach which is a man made fishing hole area off of the Rio Grande. We didn't catch anything and it was pretty warm but we enjoyed eachother's company and the kids had a lot of fun on the waterfront.
Stamps are Inkadinkado. Papers are Heidi Grace and Scenic Route. I used a water pen and some inks to fill in the letters and give the flowers some color. Super simple.

On another note we went on a field trip to the Albuquerque Recylcling Center today and learned some super tips on recycling and how it's all done. We were told that recently the center was able to get $16,000 from some place in Colorado for a semi truck load of bailed milk jugs. WOW! Our tour guide said they get the most money from milk jugs. I knew from watching This Old House that they use plastic drinking bottles to make carpet but I didn't know that one of the carpet factories is located here in ABQ. Also, big shocker to me....PLASTIC BAGS are NOT recyclable...apparently they jam up the super expensive machinery that sorts the recyclables by clogging the gears and it costs an exorbitant amount to fix. One of the coolest things was the recycled glass that they use for landscaping. It looks so pretty and sparkly and because of the way they process it it won't cut you...ever...but you might itch if you play in it for extended periods of time?!?!?! When I asked if the cans and bottles we recylce needed to be TOTALLY cleaned Dereck said, "No, there's a 10% amount of contamination allowed but that people leave all kinds of food in their recyclables...like half gallons of milk and what not." Gross people...come on...how hard is it to dump the milk out or rinse out a tin can? Finally, it was also neat to learn that minimum wage jobs are offered to men/women from a local homeless shelter, the center provides the transportation to and from. Thanks to Derek, our tour guide, for giving us the inside scoop on recycling. We actually had a good time.


Deborah said...

Wonderful pages Misty! What a wonderful experience for the children to learn and be responsible now for our planet! You are such a good Mom? How is toad? He he! Deb

KJ-Starre said...

Wow! I LOVE this L.O...I love how the mixture of papers create such a striking border...& your trick of mixing colour & B&W is GREAT!

You get *Super Mom of the day* award for that outing :o)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Very sweet photos and fun layouts! And what a cool field trip to go on!! I didn't know all that info....how great is that!!!

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