Friday, September 30, 2011

Thomas the train took over my house!

Jonah turned three last Saturday and he is totally obsessed with trains and Thomas the first boy to be so.

I was looking up cakes online and he kept pointing at a picture of a cake with Thomas coming out of the side of a I tried to give my baby what he wanted. I think he really liked it.

I made two eight inch rounds and one 9x13 cake for this big boy. I cut the two rounds in half and stacked three of them. I used the other half to shape boulders (cake mixed with icing). Chocolate marshmallows were cut up and shaped for the stone archway. Black licorice and pretzel sticks for the track. Gold sugar sprinkles for the rocks under the rails and the mountain was covered with white melting candy mixed with some black icing coloring.

Travis found these wooden train and slide whistles. Jonah loves them...a little too much for mommy's sanity.

There's my big boy...eating his birthday pizza

He can do three fingers like this!

I adore this little stinker. So glad he's mine.

At three Jonah
has been potty trained for a few months!!
can pretty much dress himself except for socks
loves puzzles and riding his tricylce (he learned how to peddal over our summer vacation)
is the best trampoline jumper ever
asks me to sing the ABC song over and over
will grab a set of 3lb weights and proceed to work out with me :)
likes to put his hands in the toilet
still likes Cars but prefers trains of any sort sleeps with them piled in his bed
begs to talk on the phone when I'm on it
is starting to draw pictures (perfect scribbles)
sneaks treats from the cupboard and then hides somewhere while he partakes (he almost ate an entire bag of jumbo marshmallows before I caught him)
loves playing with his friends
is the first one to jump up and set the table when I tell the kids it's time for dinner (this one is amazing to me because the older kids grumble about it so he's not getting it from their good example) He just loves to do it!
Yells, "Daddy!!!" whenever Travis walks in the door.
Can now say "spoon" instead of "poon"
Happy Three Years Big Boy!


creating memories... said...

My son Talha (who is 3 1/2 year old) is also crazy about Thomas!

great effort with the cake.. I dont think I would ever have the courage to bake so much cake!

Annette said...

now that is a cake... that is so cool and creative... thanks for sharing..

LiviAnn said...

Too Cute what a doll he is...

Jill said...

Looks like a fun party. Your cake is amazing. What a cutie he is.

vanlikethecar said...

What a special post to share with us! So honored that I got to meet you and Jonah only a few days ago!! Thanks for always sharing the most beautiful things on your blog - esp your family. ::hugs::

Linda said...

you have serious talent! i can't believe you made that cake, it's so awesome! happy 3rd birthday jonah!