Friday, September 09, 2011

Twinery Peg People: Scrapbook Steals

What a happy day it was in the Buck household when the kiddos got home and saw what I had made for them to play with. I love my vintage little people, unfortunately, so did the dog. He chewed most of them to bits...we still love him though. Kristy over at Scrapbook Steals asked me if I would create a little something (non scrappy) with twine and the wheels started turning.

I found these little wooden peg people at Joann's. I painted on some faces (in hindsight I wish I would have used a sharpie for their eyes, they were difficult to get right).

Meet Ms. Pink, Mr. Green, Mrs. Lee, and Mr. Red

Mrs. Lee loves to relax in her recliner and play Words With Friends.

My daughter just informed me that these two are married...must be the 50's!! (teehee)

Time for a road trip...everybody in.

Their doggie loves going for rides too. Hopefuly, now that our doggie is no longer a puppy these peg people will have a long lasting play relationship with my kiddos.
Have a super day and make sure to head on over to for their deal of the day which I'm sure is TWINE today. :) The new deal is posted at 9am MST each morning with a different deal being posted at 9pm that runs through the evening.


vanlikethecar said...

Oh my goodness, Misty. These little twine/ peg people are AMAZING!!! Your creativity is seriously endless!

AJU5's Mom said...

Those are really cute! My daughter loves them too (and the beds and bus of course).

Megan said...

Gosh how perfect are those! I have some old ones from when I was a kid, I should do this! Great idea!! You're brilliant (as always)

Linda said...

you are so talented! i wish i was one of your kids!

minousha said...

Misty LOVE this!!! You are truly inspiring!!!

Kristy said...

LOLOL!!! I LOVE IT! I'm famous. Too funny that I randomly chose the image of myself for the slider on the SS blog.

Thanks again darlin'. I sooooooooo appreciate you taking the time to do this. So much fuN!

Erica B. said...

Kristy so funny! Love Mrs. Lee!! Misty seriously such a cute idea!!

Cristine said...

Such a cute idea! And I think my favorite is Mrs. Lee. :)

Marcie said...

Misty you crack me up!!!!! I just love you!