Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Screamer Shed

I spent labor day doing...what else...laboring. Travis got up on the roof and fixed some shingles that have blown off. Happens every year here, the wind is so horrible in the spring but the summers are mild and the fall is the best :).

Travis built this quickie shelf for me while I was organizing. It made a huge difference. Love my man.

Travis also started cleaning up the stuff (pile of junk) out by his workshop. That's when I felt the need to clean out my shed, Travis started calling it the "Screamer Shed". His mom has a "Screamer Closet" at home that's full of yarn and LOTS of other things. I pulled everything out and got to work organizing. I got all of my food storage in order and cleaned up the mess that two jars of broken carrots (I think they froze this HORRIBLE last winter) made. Tessa and Aaron helped clean off all of the jars, such nice kids I have. The next task was to organize the clothes UGH! I hate it. With three boys I save all that the two older ones grow out of and keep rotating them. There has got to be a better system. This time I tried putting only ONE size per bin. We'll see if that helps. For some reason one of the bins was not labeled and HOLY COW I have a lot of 3T clothes. I don't think Jonah will be able to wear all of them...we'll definitely be donating. That job took the longest. I was up until 11:00pm (Travis set up a work light for me). He made a wonderful dinner of chicken stir fry while I was busy.
72 Hour Kits and fishing gear
This morning I woke up and went to organize my gardening stuff in there. All of my seeds are now labeled and ordered by type.
Our 72 hour kits are ready to go and my jars are ready to be filled with next years harvest. I hope that you had a great labor day too


Becky and the Boys said...

You go, Misty! Yeah, I'm lugging our clothing bins around the world with us to pass on among the boys. But it's nice to be able to pull out clothes for the next size and not have to buy them.

Teresa Kline said...

this looks great, it feels so good to clean and organize...hope your week is awesome!

enjoy *~*