Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aaron's Sweet Lashes

Fun layout of my little baby boy, well, when he was a baby. I love these little epoxy squares. Traced and watercolored the title. Papers are Daisy D's and DCWV.
So, I was visiting Kristy's blog and she was talking about her State Fair entries and I had to get on my soap box about our darn State Fair (entries due Thursday-Sat). This is what I had to say to Kristy...
"You know what's not fair? It's not fair that you actually have good categories at your state fair and that the scrapbooking category is hosted by none other than Creative Memories (don't get me wrong I like CM for some things). So, why do you think this upsets me so, well, let me fill ya in on the details of submitting here in NM.
1. You are NOT allowed to use ANY embellies on your lo that might detract from it being archivally safe (it could fall off and ruin a picture you know).
2. You wouldn't dare try cool, crazy, new techniques on a lo, that's just NOT the CM way.
3. Pretty much as "out there" as the design substance gets is making your own die cut shapes, or putting red dots on the background paper for a chicken pox lo.
4. There's only three categories...celebration of an event, everyday, and heritage. So there you have it. I have entered many a lo in the State Fair and YES, unbelievably I have won a few ribbons and once I even won the purple best of show ribbon, but I'm tired of only choosing and submitting pages because they meet the CM criterian and not submitting MY favorite layouts. I'm done being a conformist.
I will, however, be entering things in the rubber stamping category: they love my crazy, artistic nature...they've never told me I couldn't do something on my own creations. ..I'm raging against the machine. Some year a local sb store might sponsor the category and I'll enter again, a girl can dream can't she."
The above lo would NEVER win a ribbon from the State Fair judges because of the epoxy squares. Oh well, it's still one of my faves.


KJ-Starre said...

Geepers with rules like that no one will be able to enter. Sounds pretty daft if you ask me!!

Well I think that it is a L.O worthy of entry. It is sweet & creative with adorable photography & wonderful colour balance.

What do they know anyhow!!

Liz :) said...

Cute! love the tiles, what I love even more are those darn lashes! geesh, can they be any longer? You're going to have a hard time with the girls for this one! :) And state fair entries for Scrapbooking??? where have I been, I've lived in NM most of my life and well I guess I never have seen the entries!!

D said...

I love that LO! I think it was one of the first ones of yours that I saw at scrapbook.com. Didn't it win an award there? I am shocked that it wouldn't be entry worthy. What is Creative Memories thinking? How do they sell any product if they aren't innovative?

Alexandra said...

Totally cute layout!!! Love those sweet lashes! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Deborah said...

Oh what a gorgeous page! State fair hasn't a clue! Sounds a bit political aye? Deb