Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Keep on Rollin'

A manly card for a manly man?!?! I don't know. It's for the store. The images are from Inkadinkado. I colored in with Zig Markers.

So, I went out to the garden to take pictures and it just looks like a jungle. When it was first watered some of our seeds moved down slope and so we ended up with carrots and lettuce ALL over the place.

Things are doing well though. We've got pumpkins, squash, ONIONS, chives, LETTUCE, CORN, carrots, peppers, maybe an eggplant, cucumbers and some watermelon.


Jenn D said...

What a bountiful garden you have. I got rid of mine a few years ago, and Roger keeps talking about doing one again when the boys are older. I just didn't have time for it so I turned it into the swingset area and it now houses our trampoline.

What a great masculine card.

The Morris Family said...

You've got a green thumb!

Alexandra said...

What a great garden Misty!! And, your manly card is fabulous! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

KJ-Starre said...

In our household...vintage VW's are a communal LOVE, so to see one on your card is so great.
Your garden is really flourishing...I can't even get my herbs to grow hahaha! I wonder what I am going wrong?

Dani said...

Great manly card!
Your garden looks terrific. Mine is ummmm, full of weeds. Maybe next year! LOL!

Deborah said...

Oh does this van bring back memories! Fab garden, yum! Deb

Erica B. said...

Your garden is awesome! It makes mine look puny.

Love all the stuff you've been up to lately.