Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beate's Sketch Challenge

Here's my entry for Beate's Sketch Challenge. I had so much fun with this and I did turn the sketch 180 degrees. The cowboy kid image really didn't fit the other way. I used cranberry crisp for the paisley and star. I used my prisma color pencils and oderless turpentine to blend the colors on the "kid". I love this set and I'm so happy I ordered it when it was available. I used my blender pen on the grass, star and the paisley. Have a great day!!!
7/11/2007The first is a daytime pic and the second is the pic I took last night under my ott-light. Which one would you pick?



ldaydian said...

My name is Diana Crick and I am the designer for the new scoring tool Scor-Pal
Beate has very kindly let me peruse the entries for her Joy Foldchallenge. I am going through the entries and choosing cards I would like to showcase on our web site in theJoy Fold Gallery and I have chosen yours. We would include your name and blog address.Would you consider my request? I have attached the card in question.

Also if you do not have a Scor-Pal we do offer guest artists a special price. If you might be interested I can share more with you. Naturally being in the Gallery does not mean you have to own a Scor-Pal. We just wanted to offer something special.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Diana Crick

michelle said...

Hey Misty! This card is adorable. I love this stamp set. I like the lighting and background of the first picture. Good luck on the challenge.

Michelle said...

WOW! Your card is so cute, but the compliment from the Score-Pal person is AMAZING! Congrats!

Nicole said...

I knew you were so creative! That is great what that judge said. As for the pictures I like the one taken with the ott-light because I think the colors look richer. I also like the ones in natural light because I like the background. I really could have used this card for Eric's birthday since we did a cowboy theme. So cute!

Tandra said...

Hi! Im a new visitor to your blog! Great work! I also like the Ott light pic! Definitely richer and truer color looking. Daylight one looks washed out. This card is to adorable!

Erica Bass said...

I agree the ott light picture shows richer color, but I really had to look closely to notice a difference. The sky section looks softer in the natural light and so do the pants. Maybe it has something to do with the blue light rays bouncing around outside!