Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So cute and sad

Last night when my oldest, Jakob, was on the phone with his grammy he proceeded to tell her about the little kitten we lost a couple of weeks ago. Here's how it went.
"Our little kitty died grammy. It got run over by a car. Well, it looked both ways before it crossed the street and it didn't see any cars, but there was one. I miss her."
He never told me that's how it was. It's truly amazing how the minds of children work. I miss Cloud too.

Oh and here's how I decided to "fix" the card I made a big boo boo on. I like it a lot better but I'm thinking of adding a bit more red to the left, top corner. Have a great day! Thanks for visiting.


Danielle said...

Your title says it all- so sweet and sad.

I like the cover-up. That is a cool card!

stampingranny said...

I think your "fix" is good now. I like the card the way it is, very nice! Deb