Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pioneer PicNic

We had a great time, here are just some of the highlights.
Jakob eating his hotdog. (It's Travis's passion to get shots of people while they're eating!)

Jen and I posing for Travis's eating pic.

Tessa and Rachel taking the handcart ride.

Aaron enjoying his snow cone. Jim arriving with his kiddos. What's Joses doing back there? Missed you Michy.

Marley Rae in the jumper, she just didn't want to leave! Have a great day.



toofclnr said...

this looks like a neat way to spend a day...neat idea!!! love the pics!

michelle said...

Misty, cute pics, esp of you and Jenn;) I am bummed I had to miss the fun {dang CPR recert}. I had fun hanging out with you and all our kids. I though it was going to be wild and was very pleasant. And what better way to put our lo in our albums than with a friend. Luv ya. Only 46 days left!!