Sunday, July 08, 2007

Platinum Wedding

First of all I have to say that blogger is NOT letting my put titles on my posts!!!! So frustrating.
Can anyone see this card, are you blinded? Just kidding, it was just really hard to photograph because it's white, silver and has glitter in the flowers. Very hard to see how beautiful it is in real life. This card is for a wedding my friend Nicole is going to. The bride has chosen very simple and elegant designs for everything so I hope this goes.
I'm fasting today because we didn't realize last Sunday was the first Sunday of the month. I can't totally fast because of the medication that I'm on. It needs to be taken with food. That makes me a little sad because I always like the way I feel when I come out of a pure fast. Today the lesson I'll be teaching is on how the Lord helps Missionaries. I think the kids will really enjoy it because they get to write a letter to a missionary in class.
The kids had a super time at Dallin's birthday party yesterday. It was medievil themed and they made the coolest things. PVC(painted brown) stick horses with socks for heads, swords out of black foam insulation tubes, shields out of card board painted gold and decorated by the kids and helmets out of milk jugs cut out and painted gold with a tassle on the top! They also played games related to the era. Kari is an amazing mom and VERY creative. She's such an inspiration.
Well I'm off to find a Missionary badge for the kids to see at church today.
Oh, visited Jill's blog today and saw this funny thing about rating your blog G, PG, R and my blog is rated PG because I have the word punch in it 5 times, the word missionary 4 times and the word kill once. Hmmmm why is the word missionary considered PG? They're the most G things I know in this world!!! Too funny.
Have a great day.

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Nicole said...

Thanks for another great card! Mike just gave it to me or I would have called you to say thanks. (It's 10:00pm!) We will have to catch up this week so I can pay you for it.